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App Factory

Want to Build an App? We can help

From your morning jog to your late night crash parties, there is an app for everything. To be honest, anyone can develop your mobile app for you at a low cost. But in the world of app mushrooms, Apps powered by Sandclock Solutions can make your app stand out in the crowd. How do we do that? Well come talk to us & you’ll see for yourself.

We are Cost Leaders when it comes to developing prototypes, so you can develop as many as you need and we are Value Leaders when it comes to publishing your app, so your app will shine just like your idea.


We can lend you additional helping hands to fast track daily operations and shift your focus on strategic initiatives

Our proud partnership with Seyyone allows us to serve you Economically, Efficiently & Effectively. Seyyone has been in this arena for over 15 years and have provided a variety of business process & healthcare support to firms across the globe. Ramp up and Ramp down as you see fit. We take care of your HR, Accounting, Resource & Infrastructure management, so you can focus on your core competency. Hand in Hand with Seyyone, we offer the following services.

Swiftly ramp-up (or) ramp-down your extended team. We identify resources matching your job requirements for you to interview and select.



Got data? May be too much than you can handle? You have come to the right shop.

We live and breathe data. Data analytics is our passion. We love to comb through your social media data and provide valuable insights on your Digital presence. We can calculate your Net Sentiment Score and tell you how your customers perceive your products and (or) services.

We can tell you who your influencers are and how you can influence your influencers and envisage your growth potential.